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Una mañana muy movida!! jjaja <3

Únase a al grupo ERURI en facebook, para que comente y disfrute de mas eruri xd

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At Day’s End, a small Erwin x Levi fanbook illustration project, is finally open for preorder!

Features 20+ pages/ 16 talented artists / fully coloured / A4 sized.

Every preorder come with two postcards of your choice, depending on which set you want. The postcards are only available during preorder period!

  • 12.00USD/shipping not included (we ship internationally)
  • Preorder will end on May 12.

How it will work: 

After preorders close, we will send the books out to be printed. Estimated shipping of the books will be end May to mid June.

>Artist List<

If you have any questions about the book, feel free to drop an ask!

omg check this out if u like eruri

Ojala lo pirateen, asi como pirateamos a los artistas japos

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Would you do more yoga art? I'd love to see Levi doing crow for the hell of it.


This time the kids win :_D

Jajaja q me reo xD


I would love to see more of that AU of yours where Levi is a transguy and Erwin is his sugardaddy(If I recall correctly) its such a cool idea ><
this is probably not what you meant
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I hope it’s not a titan…

Anyway… fem!Eruri meeting with bunch of serious documents.

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Raising funds.

They’re doing this for money. The Survey Corps always needs money.

(Based on this).

Q mierda hace Petra si ya esta enterrada!!

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unbelievable. you are so old.

Levi: Ta hablando wueas este viejo



puuuta q soy viejaaaa xd

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three generations of cat family